Frequently asked questions

We have complied a list of the top questions that we are being asked about COVID-19 and will continually add more questions as they come in.

If you would like a question added, please email us at:

Virtual emergency relief centre FAQs

  • What current restrictions apply in Victoria and where can I read them?

    For the latest update on restrictions, visit the State Government’s DHHS Coronavirus restrictions.


  • I think I have coronavirus – what should I do?

    If you have serious symptoms, such as difficulty breathing, call 000 and ask for an ambulance.

    If you suspect you have coronavirus (Symptoms include: a fever, cough, shortness of breath, a sore throat and/or tiredness) or need advice you should contact:

    DHHS Coronavirus Hotline
    Call: 1800 675 398 – 24 hours (7 days a week)
    Online self-assessment tool:

    Mount Alexander COVID-19 Screening Clinic
    For updated testing information please visit the Chirp Screening Clinic website.

    If you have symptoms or require a test please call CHIRP Community Health on 5479 1000 to make an appointment.

    Local GP clinics within Mount Alexander Shire are also testing registered patients showing symptoms:

    Mostyn Street Clinic
    Call: (03) 5472 1255

    Botanical Gardens Clinic
    Call: (03) 5472 1844

    If you aren’t registered with a local GP clinic, your nearest COVID-19 GP Respiratory Clinic is:

    Bendigo Respiratory Clinic
    Call: 1800 573 196
    Visit: 126 Spring Gully Road, Spring Gully VIC 3550

    The Bendigo Respiratory Clinic is operating in Spring Gully and testing is by appointment only.  The clinic operates from 9:30am – 4:00pm, Monday – Friday.

    Visit the Bendigo Respiratory website to make an appointment.

    To view the locations of testing stations in Victoria visit the DHHS website – where to get tested:

  • Where can I get an update on Australia's vaccine rollout?

    Further information and updates on the vaccine rollout can be found here.

  • How can I report a breach of the current restrictions?

    If you are concerned about a person or a business not complying with the current COVID-19 restrictions you should contact:

    Police Assistance Line
    Call: 131 444

    DHHS Coronavirus Hotline
    Call: 1800 675 398

  • How do I lodge a personal complaint or give feedback to the State Government about coronavirus?

    An online feedback form can be found here.

  • Do I need to wear a face mask/covering when I leave home?

    Information around the rules of wearing face masks in Victoria can be found here.

  • Where can I access a face mask?

    CHIRP Community Health and other locations across the shire now have re-usable masks for those in need.  Further information can be found here:

    Local pharmacies, hardware and discount stores have face masks and coverings available for purchase.

    Reusable face masks are available for free to vulnerable community members as part of a Victorian Government initiative: For more information please contact Council on 1800 512 446 or email:

    Instructions on how to make your own cloth mask can be found here:

  • The impacts of COVID-19 are really getting me down. Where can I get some support?

    If you are feeling stressed or anxious and feel you are not coping, it’s important to seek help and support.

    In an emergency or crisis situation you must call 000.

    In a non-emergency situation, your family GP is a good place to start. You can also contact the following organisations:

    CHIRP Community Health
    Staff can provide information about local services and resources, offer emotional support and practical advice, help you explore ways to cope with whatever challenges you are facing or refer you to an appropriate service
    Call: 5479 1000 – 9am to 5pm (Monday – Friday)

    Victorian Mental Health Triage – Loddon Mallee
    Staffed by senior mental health clinicians, this service involves an initial assessment over the phone to determine the type and urgency of the response required from mental health or other services.
    Call: 1300 363 788 – 24 hours (7 days a week)
    Visit: Bendigo Health

    Beyond Blue
    Trained counsellors are available to support you if you are feeling worried or struggling to cope with the impacts of COVID-19.
    Call: 1800 512 348 – 24 hours (7 days a week)
    Visit: Beyond Blue
    Online Forum:

    Kids Helpline
    Private and confidential 24/7 phone and online counselling service for young people aged 5 to 25, parents and carers.
    Call or Text: 1800 551 800 – 24 hours (7 days a week)
    Visit: Kids Help Line

  • My circumstances have changed and I’m struggling financially at the moment. Can I get some assistance with food and other essential items?

    The Salvation Army (Castlemaine Corps) can assist via their Community Service Centre which provides emergency relief in the form of food parcels and vouchers as a way of assisting people who find themselves in difficult circumstances (operates Wednesday and Friday 9:30am – 12:30 pm)

    Address: 47 Kennedy Street, Castlemaine, Vic, 3550

    Call: 5470 5389


  • Can I travel interstate?

    Before travelling to another state or territory you should check the rules that your destination has in place:

    You can also call the Commonwealth Government’s National Coronavirus Helpline on 1800 020 080 to find out what travel requirements and restrictions are in place at your destination.

    For more information on traveling interstate and the Victorian Travel Permit System you should contact:

    DHHS Coronavirus Hotline
    Call: 1800 675 398

  • How does the new Victorian Travel Permit System work?

    Victoria has established a permit system for all domestic travel into Victoria. From 11:59 on 26 February 2021, you will need to apply for a permit to enter Victoria from anywhere in Australia or New Zealand.  More information on the permit system and application process can be found here.

  • How can I stay COVIDSafe when travelling in Victoria?

    Before you travel, keep up to date with the latest coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions at

    COVIDSafe travel information can be found here.