Welcome to Connect Mount Alexander

Welcome to Connect Mount Alexander, a place where we can connect with each other, share information, offer assistance and provide support during COVID-19.
Connect Mount Alexander has always been an online community space for community groups to promote who they are, what they do and the events they have planned but during COVID-19 we have had to adapt to the current needs of our community. We have therefore, temporarily changed the purpose of this space in response to COVID-19 to ensure that our community have the opportunity to stay connected, up to date and informed of the current emergency and the support available to them.

We will continue to review the content of the Connect Mount Alexander website and reinstate its original features, such as the Community Directory (recently added), over the coming months.

COVID-19 Virtual Emergency Relief Centre

In most emergencies that significantly impact the community, an Emergency Relief Centre (ERC) is often established.
An ERC is a place to provide information about the emergency and the support and referrals available to help a community cope with the impact of the emergency. Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions, a physical ERC is not possible so we have adapted and developed a Virtual ERC via Connect Mount Alexander. We hope that the Virtual ERC provides the support that our community needs during this emergency, however we will continue to review and adapt its content as the situation evolves to ensure that it stays informative,responsive and relevant.